Big news!
Posted April 4, 2017 at 04:46 pm

Hi folks!

Sorry for the late update, but my weekend was pretty crazy. 

The first big thing, is that I'm an aunt now! I spent Sunday and Monday helping out at the hospital while my Sister-In-Law gave birth. I've never experienced bringing a tiny new human into the world before, and it was pretty incredible.


The second big thing is less good news than the first. The Last Diplomat has to go on temporary hiatus while I finish my graphic novel. I gave it a lot of thought, and I'm not happy that I have to do it. But I also like my sanity, so.... :C

My deadline pressure ends at the very beginning of June, so it won't be for too long. I'll try and get some more guest art and other stuff up here when I can to fill the gap, but it still hurts my heart. In the mean time, you can come see me at shows. My calander on the side needs an update, but I'll be at the Douglas County Library Con in April, VanCAF this May, and ALA Chicago in June.

If you'd like to see what I'm doing in the meantime, my Patreon will keep updating with stuff from the book that is eating my life.X3 You can also follow my twitter (@cattifer) for updates, or The Last Diplomat Twitter (@thelastdiplomat) if you're only interested in Last Diplomat stuff!

Again, I'm sorry to have to make this call, and it's a relatively short time, but I'm still disappointed I can't balance it all any more.

Thank you all for understanding. I'll be back soon!




Emerald City Comic Con

April 7th-10th



May 21st-22nd


American Library Association (Orlando)

June 25-27


Rose City Comic Con

September 10-11