posted May.17.16 at 03:01 am

Hi all!


Welcome to the end of Chapter 3! Chapter 4 is going to start up in a few weeks, but first I need to deal with VanCAF(!!!), and finalize story stuff for the new chapter. I also need to play a bit of catch-up on my Paid Professional Stuff (TM). 

But! I am hoping to post some fan art and illustrations in the meantime, so check back in here. I won't leave you all with nothing during the break, I promise!

In the meantime, if you live in the Vancouver, BC area, please come see me at VanCAF this weekend! I'll be at table C9, and I've got all sorts of fun stuff for you! I will be the silly American with the dumb grin, because I love Vancouver and get so pumped every time I visit!

See you next weeeeeeeeeeeeeek! *falls across the border*


(Also, on a side note: Thank you all for your kind comments on page 100! I just now got around to catching up with my comments section, and I am really really happy that folks are enjoying this crazy comic! I sincerely appreciate your support! You're the best readers!)



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